Thursday, July 29, 2010

Miss Pandora

I know that almost all of you must have known about this girl and her blog Pandora. I still wanna put it here anyway, because I adore her so much. She's always been my inspiration.
She's Louise Ebel, a girl from Paris who's studying Art History.
I first know her from her friend who also a blogger (who's I adore too), Alix from The Cherry Blossom Girl.

What I love about her is the classic, classy, romantic, softness, artsy and prettiness she has. She's studying art. And history. The combination is so perfect in her. She's really like a girl from the painting that come out to the reality, plus her curly silky hair.
Not much people are suitable to wear a glasses, but she is. The glasses add the uniqueness of her. Quirky. I even want to have the same glasses she's wearing..:)

Altough she looks almost perfect in screen, apparently she feels uncomfortable with herself sometimes. Mostly about her transparent skin (I think that your skin is fairly beautiful, dear)

Here here the pictures of her that became my favorites..

~Louise Ebel~

photo by Alix

photo by Pauline Darley

This looks like a living doll..

photo by Pauline Darley

photo by Pauline Darley

photo by Pauline Darley

Photo by Agnès Faravel

photo by Pauline Darley

Photo by Team Peter Stigter and Mr. Newton

photo by Pauline Darley

Love the hair!!
photo by Pauline Darley

(pictures taken with the permission of Louise Ebel)


  1. omgg she's gorgeous...

    those photos are amazing. sometimes i wish i could take photos like that... or be in photos like that :3

    thanks so much for following! i love your blog :D cute header. i will be checking back fo sho!


  2. yea.. she is GORGEOUS!! I Love her!:)
    @ ♥M i m i: thanks!:D

  3. She is beautiful.


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