Monday, July 26, 2010

The September Issue

~Fashion is the religion. This is the bible~

Ooohhh.. I love love love The September Issue movie! I always wonder what inside the nest where the experts of style gather and produce beautiful, genuine, genius, marvellous magazine. I always wonder how do work it, what the difficulty, and so many things about producing a magazine. And here is the answer! The September Issue. This movie has released in 2009, but I just watched it recently.
I adore Ms. Wintour so MUCH! I think she is really dedicated her life for fashion, style, and VOGUE. And, apparently, besides Anna, there's one strong role in VOGUE that I never knew before. This person is Grace Coddington. She was VOGUE's model, but now she is a Creative Director of VOGUE. From what I have seen, she's a total modest person. I like her a lot! Frankly speaking, altough I really want to be Anna Wintour and I adore her, I'm sure that I'll like Grace more than Anna if I have a chance to meet both of them. I'm totally gonna freaking out having face to face meeting or conversation with Anna. hahaha...

I have some of my favorite quotations of those who starred in The September Issue:
♥ Anna Wintour-Editor in Chief of American VOGUE
- Just because you like to put on a beautiful carolina Herrera dress or a pair of J.Brand blue
jeans instead of something basic from K-Mart it doesn't mean that you're a dumb person.
- There's something about fashion that can make people very nervous.
- Fashion's not about looking forward. It's always about looking forward
- Q: What's your strenght?
A: A decisiveness
Q: What's your weakness?
A: My children
Q: What's gift would you like?
A: A better backhand

♥ Grace Coddington- Creative Director of American VOGUE
- You have to learn the way to beat your path through to make yourself felt and make yourself
necessary and find a way that works for you for VOGUE. Because a lot of people have come
and a lot of people have gone. They just couldn't take the heartbreak. You have to be fairly
tough to withstand that.
- I'm the last remaining fashion editor who dress the girl myself. (She said while dressing the
girls to make texture photoshoot)
- We build fantasy around the girl and what she's doing, what she's thinking, who she is.
- She knows that I'm stubborn. I know she's stubborn. I know when to stop pushing her. She
doesn't know when to stop pushing me (She said about Anna)
- I never dreamt to be a model or fashion editor. I just loved the pages and the pictures
- Always keep your eyes open. Never to go to sleep in the car or anything like that. Keep
watching. Because whatever you see out of the window or wherever it can inspire you. (This
is from a photographer named Norman Parkinson who said this to Grace)

♥ Thakoon- Designer, VOGUE Fashion Fund Recipient
- The first time that you're asked to go see Anna and show her your collection, it's like insane.
Intimidating. And I remember there was me and Meredith in Anna's office. It was the first
time I met her, I was like, Oh my God, it's Anna. It's like Madonna, it's Anna. (And while
Thakoon show his collection, his hands kept shaking! xD)

♥ Bee Shaffer- Anna Wintour's daughter
- I really don't work in fashion. It's really weird industry. It's just not for me. Some of the
people in there act like fashion is life. It's really amusing and you can make fun with them,
but for that to be your career, there are other things out there, I think.

~See the official site of The September Issue HERE~

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